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Are We Capable of Higher Evolution or are We Destined for Annihilation?

Two Powerful Forces Battle for the Fate of Humanity. Five Friends Hold the Key to Salvation.

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" Astonishingly imaginative and thoughtful..."

- Samuel F. Pickering -

Inspiration for Academy Award-winning movie Dead Poets Society

Five friends must rise to meet the call of fate in the first installment of this bestselling series.

Best friends Jag, Tegan, Aari, Mariah and Kody are cast into an adventure of epic proportions when their small plane crashes in the remote forests of northern Canada. They are rescued by descendants of an ancient civilization who have lived secretly in a hidden valley for over two millennia.  

Grateful for the hospitality and healing, the teenagers are eager to return home when the inhabitants share with them a terrifying divination: a darkness is descending on mankind’s horizon and the friends have been chosen to confront the gathering force bent on remaking the world in its image.  

With the fate of humanity suddenly thrust upon them, the group struggles to accept the weight of their new responsibility… and it becomes painfully clear that not everyone in the peaceful village means them well. Worse still, something mysterious outside the valley has begun reaping the lives of the villagers. 

Hitting the ground running with odds stacked against them, can the friends survive their first trials as the Chosen Ones? And with an enemy still unknown prowling the fringes of civilization, ready to tear it down, what sacrifices await them in the path to their destiny?

"Recommended. A title like this is screaming for adaptation as a successful film..."  - ★★★★★ The US Review of Books~

A lost experiment from the Second World War. America’s croplands in ruins. Widespread hunger and riots. Five friends with missing memories

caught in the maelstrom.

A mysterious plague tears across the planet, obliterating vital crops in its wake. Panic and riots break out, pitting citizens against each other. Famine and rebellion push desperate nations to the brink of war.

With the memories of their fateful summer suspiciously erased, Jag, Tegan, Aari, Mariah and Kody must rediscover themselves and the powerful secret they possess to rise against the forces of darkness eclipsing the world. 

Hunted at every turn by clandestine operatives dead set on stopping them, can the group outmaneuver their pursuers and prevent humanity from sliding deeper into ruin? Or will the enemy continue to march forward with its plans to deconstruct life as we know it?

"If Daniel Silva and Rick Riordan had a love child, it would be the young S.S.Segran. With the intensity of an adult spy thriller and the relatable characters that teenagers enjoy, Aegis Incursion takes YA Action, Adventure, and Fantasy to a new level." 

- ★★★★★  The ~


A terrifying pandemic decimates society… A two-thousand year old cure buried away in secrecy… Five Chosen Ones on a quest across continents prepare to pay the ultimate price.

Two strains of a devastating pathogen infect population centers around the globe, each bringing death in its own horrific way. From mega-cities to remote villages, the descent into chaos is swift as the disease spreads like raging wildfire.

Having returned to Dema-Ki to complete their training as the Chosen Ones, Jag, Tegan, Aari, Mariah and Kody are tasked with their most challenging mission yet by the Council of Elders. When Jag is injured saving a life, Tegan is forced to assume leadership of the group—but things take a turn for the worse when one of their own becomes infected.

The friends throw caution to the wind and risk everything in their quest for a cure… one which, for reasons unknown, has remained concealed for over two thousand years.

Can Tegan and the League discover the remedy before a relentless enemy locates and destroys it, sealing the fate of millions of lives in its quest to remake the world?

"An amazing adventure of epic proportions, Aegis Evolution whisks you away into a story that is X-Men meets Percy Jackson, and spins a truly engaging and enjoyable read." 

- ★★★★★ Readers' Favorite Reviews ~

Book Three


The epic adventure continues, this time with more at stake than ever before!

Tegan, Kody, Aari and Mariah embark on a perilous quest in search of Jag, and unspeakable tragedy befalls the tranquil paradise of Dema-Ki.

Phoenix unleashes a third assault across the planet, sending civilization over the precipice into desolation.

Mysterious insiders on both sides of the conflict step up their game toward uncertain ends. A choice to finish the battle arises... but at the price of a different kind of apocalypse. Will the friends make this choice, and who can they trust?

AEGIS DESOLATION, the fourth book in the bestselling Aegis League Series, is available now!

"This fourth book in a series of five is all about ratcheting tension higher and higher in preparation for an epic climax... with locations in major world cities as well as isolated jungles and remote islands, each chapter builds on the last, leading up to a tense and frantic finish that sets the stage for one last entertaining and action-filled adventure"  - ★★★★★ The US Review of Books

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Book Four


ARec 3D Cover Apr 07 2021.png

The final wave descends.

The day of reckoning arrives.

The epic adventure comes to an explosive conclusion, with every dark secret bared and each infernal scheme exposed!

Jag, Tegan, Kody, Aari and Mariah embark on their final mission as Phoenix's post-apocalyptic New Earth prepares to rise from the ashes to replace a planet nearing its end. 

Can the friends rise above all odds to fulfill the Dema-Ki prophecy, or has it all been a lie? Is Reyor not the harbinger of darkness, but the harbinger of truth? 

Answers coming soon. AEGIS RECKONING, the fifth and final book in the bestselling Aegis League Series, will be available in Spring 2024. Subscribe to Aegis Insider to download a FREE Starter Library and receive notification when new books by the author are published.

* This is a placeholder cover art. Cover reveal in Spring 2024.

Book Five





"If Daniel Silva and Rick Riordan had a love child, it would be the young S.S.Segran. With the intensity of an adult spy thriller and the relatable characters that teenagers enjoy, Aegis Incursion takes YA Action, Adventure, and Fantasy to a new level."

~ The ~

" An electrifying thrill-ride over Hunger Games, Maze Runner and Percy Jackson territory."

~ Amazon Review ~

" Astonishingly Imaginative and thoughtful...the book should be read both quickly and slowly - quickly in order to enjoy the rapid sledding of the plot and slowly to mull characters and ideas. Aegis Rising sets a festive narrative table and makes the reader eagerly anticipate a sequel."

~ Samuel F. Pickering - Professor Emeritus of English, University of Connecticut & Inspiration for the film Dead Poets Society ~

" FIVE STARS! Unique and compelling. Delivers on every level... perhaps the best sci-fi adventure I have read all year!"

~ Katherine Bennett - Readers' Favorite Book Reviews ~

" S.S. Segran wields a skillful pen that transcends her youth by crafting haunting prose, vivid imagery, and a well thought-out plot

to cast herself into a mix of young authors to watch." 

~ Christopher Gill - Amazon Reviews ~

"An extraordinary effort... I was especially gratified by the way the author used the teen

protagonists' close knit relationships as the backdrop against which the dramatic events in Aegis Rising unfolded, without having

"love interest" or other typical teen story devices hijack the underlying theme of the book. She's a real talent!"

~ Red Grammer - Grammy Nominated, Award Winning Singer/Songwriter/Producer ~

" RIVETING! Aegis Rising takes you on an intriguing ride through mysterious northern forests and mist covered mountains to corporate boardrooms and global schemes. Prepare to be swept away on a breathtaking journey! "

~ Honore Gbedze - The SAGE Foundation ~

" FASCINATING! Aegis Rising is a unique, story-driven novel. A great read... the pages keep turning."

~ Uma Ampikaipakkan - Producer/Host, BFM89.9 ~





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